Facebook original intentions were more for the people to socialize, not  to convert it into a market place. Plus you are not the owner of the website, if facebook closes one day (like it happen already a few times) you will loose all your contacts and your business would be in big trouble. Besides that the mayority of people that sees your business there, they know you, but what about the other customers that do not know you exist? If you want your business to go far and beyond in a professional way,  WE are here to make it happen for you. 
That is nice of them, but what about the customers that do not know your friends? Or what about the customers that are not locals and they are here looking online, and by the way (not on Facebook because they don't know you,) but guess what? those customers went to Google and found your competition landing page. Be a professional, let us help you to step up,and do not give away your customers.
                                                Sure you could try, but by not having the knowledge, experience and wisdom, you could be creating a bad and ridiculous situation for your business. Concentrate on your skills that you already have, and let others to help you working together. If you want to grow in life and achieve those goals that until now they have been only dreams, you need to invest in creating a great experience. 
The típical range starts around $800.00 until $30,000 dollars. Now remember that anyone could make a toy website with a plug a play company, without having the necessary knowledge on the maintenance that a website requires. Is like, you could drive a car, but on less you are a mechanic with the proper tools, you can't fix it. Now, we are here to help you with all those situations so you can concentrate  on your business.
Contact us, we will get back to you soon.
Please contact us, we can help with your social events too. Or if you're Church needs to announce events we can help to get them done.
Affordable Sites Advertisiment has a commitment to work with any business or social community groups that do not have experience with the real marketing world. Specifically small businesses, we love to help them and see them growing day after day. Do you have what it takes to dare to work hard for your business?  We are, contact us, let's make it happen together. 
When you build a website, is like building a house and the basic stuff that you will need is:

1. Your website domain name
2. The platform to build the website
3. The Host company

Don't worry, we have look ahead of time for the best platform and lowest prices to work with and to get everything you need. All this services have an initial fee, but there is nothing to worry. Remember that you are investing in your business and the future of your life. Do not let fear to take control. Because if you do, success will stay away from you all your life.
Every house needs a maintenance or else will fall apart; so do the websites. If you don't do it, you can't have a website. Fortunately you don't have to worry about to pay $300,$500, or $1000 dollars in maintenance.  Because we have created a very low fee according with every landing page plan that we offer
If by any chance you need us to add more data update on your website, it will be possible only by the plan that you choose to. The company will allow you to add more new content by replacing the old one. All you need to do is to communicate once per week or per month with the website developer agent that contact you, so he will get the instructions directly from you and will help as it is need it. 
After you contact us, we will assign a website developer to you and he will contact you soon and will explain and take care of everything for you. 
Yes still we can do the landing page and let it sit there until you might need us. Be advice that there will be a charge of $50.00 per situation on advance for all basic plan and $30.00 for premiums plans, no exceptions. 
If you cancel within the 14 days of grace , you shall get only the last 50% payment back. No Exceptions.
You could cancel but there will not be a refund for breaking contract. And we reserve the right to shut down the website at anytime. 
normally we suggest to get to know one of ours website designers and get familiar with the particular style, specially because in the business world everything works better when there is a confidence base relationship. Contact us, we will make it happen for you.
You could pay  the total amount or 50% upfront (according with the plan that you might get) of the labor only. And the other 50% when the website is done, and it will be active 24 hours after the last payment was done. 
After you contact us, we will get in touch and then:

1. We will talk or email you to see how we can help you.
2. If you need it, a demo could be create it, so you could see a pattern of your future website (unless you already have an example that we could follow)
3. A meeting for a contract will be taking place.
4. After you sign the contract and pay online the 50% of the labor,  we will start to work with your website.
5. When the website is done, we will send you the demo of your website and after you agree and satisfied, we will need the last 50% payment plus hosting fee if you picked BASIC PLAN A.
6. After the payments have been received , 24 hours later your website will be active  online.

7. Then we will be placing your review online 
8. If you like we could offer you marketing services for your website